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In Cold Blood
“In Cold Blood” (pdf) is considered a nonfiction novel. That is, it is a true story that is written as if it were a novel. Considered a masterwork of this kind of genre, the story surrounds the 1959 murder of the Clutter family in Holcomb Kansas.

The author, Truman Capote, heard about the murder and soon after traveled to Holcomb Kansas to begin research for his novel. He interviewed the people of Holcomb as well as friends and neighbors of the Clutter family. The story, In Cold Blood, was originally run in The New York Times magazine as a four-part series. It was released as a novel in 1965.
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The book tells the story of the murder of the Clutter family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Clutter and their two teenage children, and the events that lead the killers to murder. The family was living in Holcomb, Kansas, and in November 1959, they were brutally killed, with no apparent motive. The family was discovered bound and shot to death, with only small items missing from the home.

The book tells of the devastating effect this seemingly random killing had on the town, the investigators, and even the murderers themselves.

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