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Hammering Iron - the resurgence in blacksmithing
Hammering iron, or blacksmithing, is a profession that has mostly been forgotten in our modern era. The blacksmithing trade was once as needful and as commonplace as today’s corner drugstore. Blacksmithing was a vital skill for producing farming tools, wagon parts, weapons, and even tools for the kitchen. The blacksmiths didn’t just hammer iron – they were problem solvers. If you had a problem on the farm or with your wagon, the blacksmith could usually come up with a solution.

Although modern-day blacksmiths have a much smaller role to play in producing farming tools and such, they usually do not lack for work. Using the ancient skill of hammering iron into whatever they envision, today’s blacksmiths focus more on artistic pieces or usable products for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary. They are still very much the problem-solvers – but now they have more of an artistic flare.

With the success of television shows such as ‘Forged in Fire”, the art of blacksmithing has experienced a resurgence. Many people have become interested in setting up their own forge and hammering iron into useful pieces for themselves. Blacksmithing requires a smaller budget than many other pastimes, and can also be done in smallish spaces. Many people start hammering iron as a hobby, but then quickly turn it into a small business.

In his book, “The Fundamentals of Blacksmithing“, David Robertson guides the new smith step by step in setting up a forge and making their first pieces. His process is to have the new smith make their own tools one at a time. He even shows you how to set up a gas forge. This process saves the blacksmith money while teaching them valuable skills at the same time. His ebook would be a good investment for any blacksmith.

The Fundamentals of Blacksmithing PDF

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