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shortcut to shred pdf

Jim Stoppani’s 6-Week Shortcut to Shred PDF

From the labs of Yale University to the most hardcore gyms in America, Jim Stoppani has devoted his entire career to the science of building muscle and burning fat. Along the way, he has helped millions transform their lives.

Here is Jim’s 6-week workout plan “Shortcut to Shred” in PDF format.

Cardio acceleration is the essential part of Shortcut to Shred. It will fire up your fat-burning furnace like nothing else. Cardio acceleration is a technique that combines high-intensity cardio and resistance training into one fast-paced workout.

Instead of resting between your lifts, you will do cardio between every single set. Simply put, you’ll lift one set of a prescribed exercise, such as bench press, and then immediately follow it with one minute of cardio. Cardio effectively replaces your rest periods. Now, you don’t have to rack the barbell, run across the gym, and jump on a treadmill or stationary bike. Your cardio acceleration exercises can be as simple as running in place next to the bench. You can also jump rope, perform dumbbell cleans, step-ups, or any combination of full-body exercises. Whatever you do, the point is to move for an entire minute.

The Shortcut to Shred PDF also includes a nutrition plan with daily menus to go along with the workouts. Also included is a list of suggested supplements available from BodyBuilding.com.


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