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Modern Chess Openings PDF First published in 1911, “Modern Chess Openings” (PDF) by Richard Clewin Griffith (1872–1955) and John Herbert White (1880–1920), has been called “the first scientific study of the openings in the twentieth century”.

In this 14th edition of the book, Nick de Firmain describes many opening strategies and variations of each opening. It’s not a book that is easy to read. Nor is it for the beginning chess player.

For instance, you need to have a good understanding of algebraic notation to even start to comprehend this book and even then it’s hard to follow.

opening chess moves8 Aggressive Chess Openings

Playing an opening based on understanding is great. Nowadays, we are swamped with opening lines that can go over 30 or 40 moves. Many of us are not chess professionals, so finding the time to study them is indeed challenging.

With this course, you’ll learn aggressive ideas on some of the most common openings (not sidelines) which have withstood the test of time. Arm yourself with an intimidating repertoire based on all these aggressive openings!

  • Aggressive ideas For BOTH White and Black
  • Not sidelines
  • Attacking ideas WITHOUT having to memorize lots of lines
  • Sound ideas that can be implemented even for classical games
  • Vigorously play with either color!

Download Modern Chess Openings PDF HERE

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