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4 Hour Work Week PDF

The 4 Hour Work Week (pdf), by Tim Ferriss, attempts to show how people can have more time and mobility in life. These are two of the qualities of what Ferriss refers to as the “New Rich.” The New Rich have given up the all-to-common “deferred-life” plan in order to live their life in the here and now.

Ferriss argues that people don’t really want to be millionaires; they just want to experience what they think only millionaires can buy. The question, therefore, is how can you achieve the lifestyle of a millionaire, (that is, to have freedom and time), without having a million dollars in the bank? Over five years, Ferriss set out to answer this question and has laid out the key to separating income from time. Consequently, ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ is not about how to save, or about finding your dream job; it’s about how to free up the most time, and automate your income.

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