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Beloved (pdf) by Toni Morrison. A novel based on the true story of a runaway slave named Margaret Garner. Margaret, along with her husband and four children, escaped from Kentucky into Ohio in 1856. Shortly thereafter a search posse caught up with her, and Garner killed her youngest daughter and attempted to do the same to her other children rather than let them return to a life of slavery.
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In the novel, Sethe is also a passionately devoted mother, who flees with her children from an abusive owner known as “schoolteacher.” They are caught, and, in an act of supreme love and sacrifice, she too tries to kill her children to keep them from slavery. Only her two-year-old daughter dies, and the schoolteacher, believing that Sethe is crazy, decides not to take her back.

Beloved explores the emotional, mental, and spiritual destruction brought about by slavery. The devastating effects of slavery can continue to haunt former slaves even after being given a life of freedom.

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