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Becoming Supernatural PDF

The idea of a person living to their full potential is not new. People have been striving towards that goal for centuries. But Dr. Dispenza takes the idea to a whole new level. In “Becoming Supernatural” (PDF), Dr. Dispenza combines his experience with compelling case studies, exciting scientific research, and the exercises his students have used to do everything from healing their bodies to dramatically altering the course of their lives.

Become Supernatural!

“All of us are built for dealing with short-term bursts of stress. When the event is over, the body normally returns to balance within hours, increasing its energy levels and restoring its vital resources. But when the stress doesn’t end within hours, the body never returns to balance. In truth, no organism in nature can endure living in emergency mode for extended periods of time.”

This book shows the reader how to remove themselves from overstress and allow the body functions to return to normal.

Becoming Supernatural

A topic central to Joe Dispenza is that we all live pains of the past by reliving them over and over in our, which bring upon us further pain. Instead, he says we should do the opposite, and live in the present our future blessings.

Dispenza says that if you feel and embody into the present high-frequency emotions like gratitude and love for future events, then you are likely to live that future.

On top of envisioning a healthy body, Dispenza said that we can envision material possessions as well, which sounds a lot like the law of attraction.

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