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As Bill Sees It PDF
“As Bill Sees It” (pdf) – Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill W. once wrote that this collection of excerpts from his writings was “meant to serve as an aid to individual meditation and a stimulant for group discussion”.

Since its publication in 1967, this little book has done that and more for millions of A.A. members around the world. Hundreds of brief passages — excerpted from the Big Book and other A.A. literature — address the principles of gratitude, spirituality, acceptance, and a host of other themes central to living a serene life free from alcohol.

With a topical index to point readers to subjects of particular interest, As Bill Sees It is an easy-to-use resource of inspiration, comfort, and humor that provides a sense of belonging for those on the path of recovery. Whether seeking insight on a specific topic or opening the book at random, readers will find that there is always more to discover. The passages are perfect for discussion in group settings or personal reflection.

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